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August 14, 2016
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Benefits of Using YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website around the world. It is based in California, USA and owned by Google. YouTube lets its users upload, view, comment, rate and share videos. Due to its wide range of services, it is very convenient nowadays to use YouTube for personal and business purposes. There are many benefits of using YouTube. Some are mentioned below.


  • Anyone can easily upload and show the world your videos. Any video made for personal or commercial purpose can be uploaded here. People can see and share comments and opinions on videos around the world. It can be a great medium of gathering creative knowledge.
  • Any company can publish their commercials directly on YouTube. It will save money for telecastingcommercials on TV channels. As well as the commercial will get free publicity.
  • Companies can email their customers and notify them about their YouTube channel. So the customers will get in touch with the company’s YouTube channel by subscribing to the channel.
  • Companies can also get new customers from all over the world. They can pay YouTube and advertise the video so that the paid video will show on targeted customers’ homepages.
  • YouTube offers high quality videos. If any company upload video to YouTube and then they connect the YouTube channel to their website, then the customers will be able to watch video directly from their website. It is very beneficial for the business.

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