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August 24, 2016
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Best 6 Social Media Platforms Without Facebook

Facebook is a rapidly increasing platform for online marketers. Various business is now emerging online with the help of facebook. But it is not good enough for the publicity and promotion of a business to only follow facebook. There are many online platforms for the online marketers to be followed.

  • Twitter

Twitter is one of the most influential social media platforms out there. It lets its users Tweet by which the users can post about their products and promote them. Hashtag is a very useful tool for business promotion as it sorts out yourself from others and makes it very easy to get to customers.

  • YouTube

YouTube is getting immense popularity for videos all over the internet. You can start your own channel here and promote your videos if your business is related to videos. You can also name your channel according to your band. Post interesting videos and you will automatically start getting viewers.

  • Instagram

Instagram is the most trending photo sharing website nowadays. With the addition of advertisements on it is getting more market oriented. You can share your photos here for business purpose. Customers can also contact with you through the instamessage now. So it has become much business friendly.

  • Google+

Google+ is the direct competitor of facebook with many similar features. Being a part of Google, Google+ is very useful for business. Many advantages of Google will be added if you add Google+ to your business policy.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest is the place where you need to pin the thing what interests you. If you have a website, pin your website along with your products. Customers will start following your website if your pins interest them

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the place where you get linked to other professionals from a variety of category. It is a serious place for professionals. If you are looking for a good business opportunity it is a sure place for you.

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