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August 25, 2016
August 25, 2016
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How to Edit Photos Before Posting on Facebook

With the increase of users on Facebook our news feed gets flooded with more and more posts all over the day. People don’t have the temper to read every posts. So it is more convenient and attractive to post photos on Facebook what will attract more customers.

Facebook supports JPG, PNG and GIF format. So your photos must contain one of these formats. For photos JPG is ok. If you want to post text graphics then PNG should be your choice. If you want to collaborate with more than one photo then combine them together and upload a GIF.

Whatever sized photo you upload on facebook, they will compress the photo according to their wish. It is to keep facebook light. 403x403px is the least size for posting photos on facebook. So your photos need to be above this size.

Give suitable captions to your photos. If you describe your photos to your customers it will help them understand the photo. A story or description about the photo will add more flow to your business. It will be interesting and attract more customers. Be smart and add link to your website and business profile. It will drive the traffic to your business.

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