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August 14, 2016
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August 15, 2016
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Facebook vs Google: Best Website in the World

It is a very complicated matter to announce the best website in the world. Facebook and Google are competing head to head to get the first position among the popular websites. Alexa is a California based website analysis company that counts the traffic on websites around the world. According to last published report by Alexa, Google is the most viewed and used website in the world. Whereas Youtube is in the second position and Facebook in the third. On the other hand, SimilarWeb is another London based website analysis company. According to their final report of top 100 websites, Facebook is in the first position and Google is the runner-up here achieving the second position. Although these reports are contradictory, Facebook and Google both got strongholds in different continents and countries. Facebook is most favourite in South American, North African and Middle East countries. Google rules in North American, European and Oceanian countries. But Asia is effected with local websites and portals. Like China got Baidu and Japan got Yahoo! Japan. They are suitable substitutes for these websites. But if we make a map and look over the dominance of the websites in the world. The Blue for Facebook and the Red for Google will colour the map very evidently.

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