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September 6, 2016
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Reasons Of Losing Twitter Followers


While you are there on Twitter, it is not always the same that you will get the proper followers on your demand. Followers will increase and decrease with the flow of time. But there is nothing to be worried about. It is not always constant that you will get engaged with the same amount of followers. Here at facebooklikepro we can always help you with more authentic followers. But you should also keep in mind why you are losing Facebook followers.

  • Act according to your bio. If you have described one thing on your profile but you tell or tweet something else on your profile then it must be unethical. It will make your followers go off the grid as your posts won’t be authentic.
  • You must Tweet regularly. If you disappear for a long time from your twitter and your followers don’t get regular updates from you then they might unfollow you. So keep tweeting regularly and keep interaction with your followers.
  • You have to show your personality in the conversation. If you get too much friendly with your customers or you don’t stay friendly at all with your customers then it might seem awkward which will lead your followers to unfollow you.
  • Your spelling and grammar might be bad. Or you are using too much hashtags in the posts. If you over promote your site or appear to be too much needy then your followers will get a bad vibe and it might make your followers unfollow you.

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