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August 21, 2016
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Reasons of Not Getting Enough Twitter Followers


Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram have a great impact nowadays on social media marketing platform. For many reasons Twitter is growing to be one of the most dependable platforms for social media marketing. Online marketers follow some interesting methods and strategies to compete in Twitter. If you are not getting enough followers then there might be something very wrong.

  • What are you actually doing in Twitter? What does your profile say about you? If your profile interests others what do you do after that? In a conversation we can not only talk about ourselves. We need to give the other person some space for themselves. If you do not value your customers you cannot get feedbacks from them. Your Tweets on Twitter must contain value for your honourable customers.
  • You must Tweet regularly. If you disappear for a long time from your twitter and your followers don’t get regular updates from you then they might unfollow you. So keep tweeting regularly and keep interaction with your followers/
  • Be business minded. Don’t blend your personal life with your business life. Never post any personal issues on your account. Don’t act rudely to your followers. Always be kind and humble.
  • Specify your goals. Be confident about your thoughts. Find customers for your business. Attract your customers with valuable offers. Don’t let any of your followers unfollow you. Keep interaction with them and attract them more to you.

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